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Course Description

The journey to Risk Taking is simple and should not be confused with the negative perception it has been given. Risk Taking from our perspective should also be seen as a 4 step process to actualizing purpose beginning with…

A. Responsibility [Response ability]
B. Initiative [Idea – Initiative – Institution]
C. System [Systems and Structures]
D. Kingdom [Passion – Zeal – Dominion]

On the Execution and Implementation side of the above process, we strongly believe Discipleship much more than Mentoring plays the role of tutoring one into Maturity and Responsibiity to Take RISK thus this course.

This Discipleship Process is also a 4 steps process beginning with identifying your…

A. Mission [God’s given reason for your existence] then
B. Submission [your commitment to the Mission] to
C. Commission [the empowerment to realize Genesis 1:26-29] and finally
D. Admission [the eternal reward of heaven].

The Learning Objective or aim of this course is to provide an in-depth knowledge and the fundamental understanding of what Discipleship really is.

You will also find here that the flip-side of this study is to outline that discipleship leads to leadership and true leadership achieved at the home and in the community is the actualization of dominion [the reason for which you were created by God and in the image of God].

Course Curriculum

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