In our desire to promote Personal and Entrepreneurial Development among youths, we have developed this Internship Program [The Enterprise Development Internship Program – EDIP ] to assist Start-Up’s and Young Businesses accesses Practical, Spiritual and Technical experience from Practicing Professional in the field of Manufacturing, Information Technology, Real Estate/Construction, Service Delivery and Education.

The following guidelines are to facilitate Mentors and Mentees relationship and meet desired expectation.

Mentee Needs…

  • Guidance from a general to a specific professional area
  • Answers to series of questions on career development.
  • Tutelage on Early career development.
  • Professional identity development guidance
  • Ethical and moral guidance
  • Assistance in navigating professional settings, institutions, structures, processes and politics.

Roles and Characteristics of Mentors

  • Acts as an experienced role model.
  • Provides acceptance, encouragement, and moral support.
  • Provides wisdom, advice/ counsel, coaching.
  • Acts as a sponsor in professional organizations, supports networking efforts
  • Assists with the navigation of professional settings, institutions, structures, procedures and politics.
  • Facilitates professional development.
  • Challenges and encourages appropriately facilitating mentee’s growth.
  • Provides tutelage, nourishment, caring, and protection
  • Integrates professional support with other areas such as faith, family, and community
  • Accepts assistance from mentee in mentor’s professional responsibilities within appropriate limits
  • Enjoys the opportunity to pass on their wisdom and knowledge and collaboration with early career professionals

Modus Operandi….

  • Phase One: Online registration.
  • Phase Two: Selection process of mentee nomination and placement.
  • Phase Three: One week intensive introductory lectures concluded by a Guest Mentor.
  • Phase Four: Start of Internship program […duration is between 2 weeks to a month but can also be determined based on the schedule of the mentor].
  • Phase Five: Weekly feedback on field experience to supervisor via online portal.
  • Phase Six: Final assessment and Business idea pitch.
  • Phase Seven: Graduation and induction to alumni

Introduction to Informal national/international networks within area of specialization and also business funding.

TakeRISK INITIATIVE will like you to be a part of this opportunity to be nurtured.

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